Christmas is Over, But….

January 5, 2019

You still have things to celebrate.  People you love. Presents to buy.  And I just came upon this remarkable offering from the wonderful Celia Sack at Omnivore books.

She’s bought a treasure-trove of old Chez Panisse menus from Fritz Streiff, who has been a part of the restaurant pretty much since the beginning. Among the many things Fritz has been at Chez Panisse, is the voice of Alice Waters; he’s collaborated on many of her books.

And Alice has never done anything by half measures.  She’s had great artists – David Goines, Patty Curtan, Wesley Tanner, among many others – design her menus. And I imagine there’s something here that would make just about anyone happy. The prices are definitely right; these vintage menus are both food history and gorgeous art.





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  • Cynyhia says:

    Goines did a poster for Chez Panisse, too, in the 70s.

    • admin says:

      David did dozens of posters for Chez Panisse. Alice pretty much started cooking when she was living with David, and they remained close. He and his then (extraordinarily beautiful) girlfriend were at the restaurant every time I went there.


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