Gift Guide 2019: A Little Bird Told Me….

November 27, 2019

During a recent meal at Tak Room, the waiter appeared with the most adorable utensil to squeeze a little lemon over my fish. The fish was delicious, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that cute little bird.

Turns out they’re easy to find. I bought mine from Amazon, but if you’re interested in old objects, there are a lot of vintage bird squeezers on the market. I found them here and here.

There are definitely better way to squeeze lemons -but nothing nearly as cute. It makes a very good gift because they’re inexpensive – and unusual enough that your friends are unlikely to already own this particular little bird.

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  • Kathleen Cressler says:

    A friend gave me this to me one year as part of a Christmas collection of gifts and I was completely at sea about what it was used for! Thanks for answering that question!