Gift Guide 2019: For Chocolate Lovers

November 17, 2019

Dandelion’s Advent Calendar, with a different chocolate for each day of December until Christmas

This is an extravagant gift, but if you know someone who really loves chocolate, what could be better than a different little box of chocolate every day while you’re waiting for Christmas to come? Made by some of the world’s best, most award-winning chocolatiers, this year’s calendar includes creations by

There’s a separate beautiful little box for each day of the month, folded and packed by hand. Each contains a different chocolate: among the delights is a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Caramel Bon Bon, a Garden Mint Truffle, Raspberry Linzer Bon Bon.

If you want Christmas to come early, this is a very good way to begin. My gift guide will begin, as usual, on Thanksgiving Day, but this is one you need to know about now. (They started shipping this week.)

Dandelion Chocolate 2019 Advent Calendar

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