Gift Guide 2019: Bread Bakers Dream

December 18, 2019

It’s too late to get this in time for Christmas: I should have posted it earlier. Still, any passionate baker will be willing to wait.

Every bread baker I know swears by the Ankasrum Stand Mixer, which has been made in Sweden since 1940 and comes with a seven year guarantee.

This is a serious workhorse whose 600 watt motor is capable of mixing the 11 pounds of dough the bowl holds. It also comes with a wide range of attachments that will extrude pasta, juice lemons, grind meat and make sausage.

This isn’t a minor gift: the Ankasrum costs almost $700 and the attachments are extra. But it’s made to last a lifetime, and in this time of planned obsolescence, that’s extremely reassuring.

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  • Rebecca Elliot says:

    Dear Ruth
    I took the liberty of addressing you as Ruth instead of Ms. Reichl because, after reading Save Me The Plums, I feel like I know you.

    Save Me The Plums is my book club’s selection for our February meeting. I hesitated to read it as memoirs are not my favorite genre. Plus, I am not a “foodie”. So, I thought it would not be of interest.

    I was so wrong. You had me at page one! I loved this book. I love how your beautiful and personal writing drew me into your story; how I got to know Michael and watch Nick grow up. I loved the people at Gourmet and your stories of creating a new look for this magazine. Full disclosure – I did not read Goumet. I enjoyed your adventures, your successful tackling of many challenges and your concern and love for your staff.

    Most of all, Ruth, I identified with your anxiety attacks, your constant worry that you weren’t good enough, your aversion to conflict or confrontation. And, I celebrated as you ‘felt the fear’ and barged ahead. This was who I was for so long so I knew you would succeed, as I have over the years.

    The closing in Paris was perfect. I was delighted you met Severine’s husband again. It was a beautiful moment in an extraordinary adventure.

    Money has never been my motivating factor. Like you, I found the process of moving past the anxiety attacks, of recognizing I was as good as anyone else and facing the fear of tackling a new job challenge liberating. I learned that I was fine as I am, that money cannot buy happiness and that family and friends are what really matters.

    I can’t wait until our meeting on Sunday so I can share these thoughts with my book club buddies. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening your life and sharing you journey.

    Best regards,
    Rebecca Elliot

  • admin says:

    Oh Rebecca, thank you so much.
    Good luck to you – wherever your journey takes you.

  • Charlene says:

    I must be honest, I have never heard from the Ankasrum brand before, and as you say, it is a real work horse. Yes, I agree, that price tag might require some saving up 🙂