Gift Guide 2019: The Coolest Tool

December 14, 2019

Buying anything on Indiegogo is always a gamble. The last item I purchased was almost a year late. Still, when it finally arrived, it was worth the wait.

This one is late too. The Chopbox Cutting Board was promised for Christmas but like almost everything I’ve contributed to on the site, it’s not quite on time. Still, I’ve bought these for a few of my cleanfreak friends, and I don’t think they’ll mind waiting.

The Chopbox is a smart cutting board that has a built-in scale, a built-in timer and two knife sharpeners. It hides a second board beneath it. But its main selling point is that it sterilizes itself with a built-in disinfecting UVC light. Can you think of anything more reassuring?

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, so I have no idea if it will actually live up to its promise. But if it does, it will make many people very happy.

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