Gift Guide 2019: Through a Glass

December 15, 2019

Every time I reach for this glass it makes me happy.

It’s an esthetically pleasing object that nestles into my hand in the most wonderful way.

I like the other glasses in the set too.

They were a housewarming gift when we moved in here fifteen years ago, and they’ve given me pleasure every day. I use them for juice, for wine, for a simple glass of water. I recently asked the friends who gave them to us where they’d purchased them – and discovered that these Hirota glasses from Japan have been made for more than a hundred years. Founded in 1899, the Hirota Company aims to preserve the traditional art of Japanese glass making. Hold a glass in your hand, and you’ll understand why this tradition is worth preserving.

And while you’re on the Sara site, take a look at the other beautiful objects they sell. It’s a beautifully curated collection.

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  • Marcie B. says:

    I love beautiful glassware, so this really spoke to me. I usually treat myself to one special thing each Xmas and thought this would be it. But I am basically broke, so I searched through all the glasses just dreaming…because they are wayyy out of my budget.
    But then…I spied a few gorgeous tumblers that were only $28 each! Something I could afford. So I spent all day torturing over which one to get (I could only afford one). I kept going back to the site, thinking thinking…which would feel better in the hand, which one would look more special.
    Finally, I decided. I entered all my info to purchase, got out my credit card….BUT…when I got to the page where you had to pick a shipping method, I found that it was $21 to ship one tumbler that only cost $28! WTF?! Just to ship one tumbler from NY to CA? Argh!!!
    So, sadly I will not be getting one of these gorgeous pieces for Xmas.
    But thank you Ruth for sharing. Maybe someday…sigh…