Gift Guide 2019: Very Hot

December 4, 2019

For the past few years I’ve included at least one favorite and unusual hot sauce (I’m still very fond of last year’s selection), but this year the hot sauce craze has gone – well, crazy. There are so many on the market that there are now dozens of hot sauce of the month clubs.

So this year I’m recommending a slight alternative. If you like Sichuan peppercorns you rejoiced when they came back on the market a few years ago. (If you want to read about the ban, you can do it here.) But you also know how fugitive that ma la flavor can be. You just can’t keep the peppercorns very long before the distinctive tingly burn begins to fade.

This Blankslate Szechuan Chili Oil, with its intriguing, slightly gingery zip, is the answer. I keep it in my refrigerator to perk up just about everything from Ma Po Tofu to steamed spinach. It’s made in Brooklyn, and if you live in New York State it’s pretty easy to find. It’s also easily available online.


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  • Lorraine Browne says:

    Thanks for this great heads up!
    Hope we can get it here in Canada.

  • admin says:

    You can buy it online. Just hit the last word – online – for sources.

  • Alex from Blank Slate Kitchen here. Thanks so much, we’re quite honored to be on your list here! Also, a quick heads up, we recently changed the spelling in the name to “Sichuan” so most online stores have it listed as such now if anyone is looking for it.


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