Gift Guide 2020:

November 27, 2020

As we contemplate leftover turkey and wonder how to deal with excess stuffing it’s hard not to think about the growing number of Americans who are not lucky enough to be facing that problem.

Current stastics indicate that 40% of Americans are now food insecure. Every time I look at that figure I want to tear my hair out. And then I try to figure out some way to help.

Here’s one easy suggestion. New York’s Coalition for the Homeless has teamed up with a long list of world-class artists to create The Artist Plate Project. The possibilities are intriguing; they include Andy Warhol, Lorna Simpson, Jenny Holzer, Maurizio Cattelan and Rashid Johnson, to name just a few.

The purchase of just one plate can feed 75 homeless and hungry New Yorkers. I can’t think of a better gift at this particular moment. Which is probably why they’re selling out so fast.

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