Gift Guide 2020: Basket Case

November 19, 2020

It’s called a trug – and if there’s a better way to carry produce home from the farmers’ market, I’ve yet to find it. The trug neatly solves the how-do-I-keep-the-tomatoes-from-getting-squished problem. It also solves the where-do-I-store-stuff-when-I-get-home problem: simply drop the trug on the counter and you’re done.

Trugs are handmade from Oregon Myrtle, and they’re very sturdy. If fresh produce isn’t your thing they’ve got lots of other uses. Indoors they make great places to store magazines. And outdoors…. well, they did begin life as a gardener’s tool.

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  • Marisol says:

    Oh my! This is exactly what I had been looking for, for ages: a broad based, sturdy (and lovely looking) basket for the heaps I get at my farmers market. Among other things, I could lay my pints of tomatoes (as you said) and berries in without them toppling and getting crushed. And then, when I bring this basket to the farmer for checkout, she/he could just see the things that don’t need to be weighed and ring me up with much greater ease. I would get it in a heartbeat except, due to the pandemic, I’m pre-ordering everything from my awesome local farmers and they have everything packaged-up for me when I arrive for my no-contact pick-up. I miss–hugely– how I used to shop at my farmers market and look forward to the day when I celebrate the end of the pandemic by treating myself to these gorgeous baskets.