Gift Guide 2020: Capering About

November 30, 2020

In my house, capers are an essential ingredient. So I was overjoyed to discover the giant salt-packed capers imported by Gustiamo. They are, hands down, the best capers I’ve found in America.

But the truth is that my pantry is always filled with the superb products Gustiamo imports from Italy. If you have an Italian food-lover on your list, they’ll be thrilled with almost everything on the site. Gustiamo imports this fantastic apricot jam from Sicily; it’s not a preserve, but a thin and extremely flavorful jam that makes a great glaze for fruit tarts. (It’s also perfect in a Sacher torte.)

This cherry tomato sauce makes an almost instant dinner on top of some of their terrific pasta

And the panettone they import every year at this time is legitimately legendary.

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  • David Kmetz says:

    Superb indeed… in these frugal challenging times, $40 – a bag of capers. Ouch RR. Perhaps I don’t have the palette to detect the difference. And capers usually get rinsed and tossed in other dishes, somewhat diminishing their oomph.. Oui? I bought a high end Banyuls aged vinegar from France, but it is not SO much better than good quality vins I get at our local NE market. 500% mark up is not worth it. Thoughts welcome. Keep safe.