Gift Guide 2020: Pan-O-Rama

November 17, 2020

I didn’t want to love this Always pan.  I didn’t even want to like it.  So many people were enamored with it that the thing was sold out. It couldn’t possibly be that good.

So I ordered it, wanting to hate it.

I’m sorry.  I didn’t.  

It’s not all that.  It won’t replace every pan in your repertoire.  But honestly? It’s the pan I reach for more often the I’d like to admit.  

I’m not a big non-stick person. The truth is, at least half the time you want a pan that will give you a good sear, and nonstick isn’t the perfect way to get a Maillard reaction.

But for almost every other kind of cooking adventure, this might be your pan.  It’s the best non-stick surface I’ve yet to encounter.  It’s a great size for many different things. It feels good in your hand, it’s lightweight and the way you can rest the spoon right on the handle is kind of genius. 

It comes in a wide range of colors (some more easily available than others), and at the moment it’s on sale.`

As. I said, I didn’t want to love it. I pretty much do.  And your friends will too. 

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  • Jane K says:

    Good Morning Ruth! I missed your emails and was thrilled to find the latest in my in box. I ordered the Always pan with the steamer insert. It is the perfect gift for my daughter. Thank you! Keep ’em coming! Enjoy the day.