Gift Guide 2020: Pie Oh My

November 23, 2020

Jamison Lamb Pie

The first time the late great chef Jean-Louis Palladin encountered Jamison lamb he burst into tears. “This is my childhood,” he said, telling the young shepherds that from then on he would serve only their lamb in his restaurant.

He went on to tell his chef friends about the Jamison’s lamb. That was in the eighties, before the farm to table movement, and a time when great American food products were rather rare. “How big do you want to get?” he asked John and Sukey Jamison; before long America’s great restaurants were all serving Jamison lamb.

The Jamisons are still raising their lambs on the lush bluegrass of the Pennsylvania hills, and they’re still doing it the old-fashioned way. If you’re looking for lamb chops, a leg or a rack, you can’t do better.

But I am personally obsessed with Sukey Jamison’s lamb pies. Made of ground lamb, fresh vegetables and spices, and wrapped in a lovely crust, this is what pot pies dream of being. And in these crazy times, what could possibly be better than knowing a few savory little pies are tucked away in the freezer?

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