Gift Guide 2020: Your Pie’s in the Mail

December 20, 2020

No, this is not a mail order pizza, but it’s the only photograph I had. And if you’ve got a pizza-lover on your list, they’ll be thrilled to know that they can get the near-legendary Di Fara’s pizza by mail.

If you’re a New Yorker, Di Fara Pizza has been a pilgrimage place for years, a small pizzeria deep in Brooklyn where you’d stand in line for hours. Somehow the Goldbelly people convinced the family to join their roster of regional foods available by mail.

I’ve been shopping with Goldbelly for a long time, seduced by their catalog of great foods from small special places. Their list of barbecue joints is especially impressive, and they have an awesome array of sweets. But the Covid pandemic was their moment: now you can get foods from big deal chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud. And of course, Di Fara pizza, which can still arrive in time for Christmas.

Even if you’re not in the mood to order, just reading through the offerings is a reminder of the many great American foods out there. In a time when you can’t travel, it’s nice to know that they’ll travel to you.

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  • Roberta DeDoming says:

    A few days ago I had this thought loud and clear: “If I could eat one food only for the rest of my life, it would be matzo brei.” Of course the way I make it. Just for fun I went online
    to look at recipes for my favourite food and found your matzo brei with caramelized onions recipe. In the prologue to the recipe you wrote the same words I had just thought. Plus, everything else you said mirrored my own love of this simple scrumptious Pesach dish. I went into the kitchen to tell my granddaughter about this little synchronicity.

    BTW: I’ve been making it for some years with gluten free matzo. It works just fine. I think we might be related, Ruth. Seriously, this could be a genetic thing with you, me and matzo brei !

    All the best. Be healthy & enjoy.

  • Emily says:

    Ruth, I hope you are doing your gift guide again this year. I wait all year for you to start posting. It puts our household in a holiday mood!