Gift Guide: So Twenty Twenty

December 18, 2020

It’s too late to order anything and be sure it will arrive in time for Christmas. Not that I’m sure it much matters in this moment: time has become so elastic.

Still, I thought I’d suggest something small today. A stocking stuffer, if you will.

We’ve all become acquainted with hand sanitizers. Most, in fact, like those gigantic bottles in front of stores, are perfectly horrid. So finding one that you like so much you spray your hands for the pure pleasure of the scent seems fairly momentous.

That’s how I felt about this Coconut and Lemon hand sanitizer gel. I was so dismayed when my local store ran out that I searched for it on line. And discovered the even more appealing sanitizer spray.

It’s not much, but in this strange dark moment it would make a very thoughtful gift for just about anyone.

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  • Carmen Pili says:

    Hi Ruth- I am a member of Santa Fe Newcomers Club in New Mexico. Our group has 18 members who are retired professional women and couples from CA, CO, WA, Ill, TX, MN, etc. We are reading your book “Save me the Plums” and will be discussing it on April 21@5:30pm (MT) via zoom. I have tried to reach you via Facebook text but maybe you have not been checking it. We would like to invite you to our meeting- it will be great to have you and provide us your insights. I have been reading the book and enjoying it. Please let me know if you can come. Our group would be delighted to have you. I look forward to hearing from you.