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Gift Guide: Aprons for Everyone

December 6, 2016

I don’t wear aprons. Suiting up with a clunky piece of linen feels overly cautious – as if you’re expecting to make a mess.  And I hate the way most of them feel; they are literally a pain in the neck.

Recently, however, I’ve switched camps. The fact is, most cooks do make a mess, and I’ve realized that an apron gives you permission to stop worrying about tomato sauce splotches on your sleeves.

What changed my mind? The Chezpron,  which removes the pressure on your neck and makes cooking pure pleasure.


But it turns out that buying an apron for someone else requires a bit of humility. Everyone has his own apron requirements.  Here are two more that – although they do tie around the neck – might be just the thing to make your friends happy.

Here from Japan’s Fog Linen: 097-b_0571

and another from Hand-Eye in Portland, Oregon:handeyekitchenstripe

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