September 29, 2015


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  • Renee Davis says:

    I would humbly like to invite Mrs. Ruth Reichl to eat at my work place. Here in Hawaii.

  • Michele M. Kowalski says:

    Dear Ms. Reichl,
    Would you be interested in judging a pie baking contest at hawthorne valley farm’s 25th annual fall festival on Sunday, October 13th? Come on, you know you want pie!
    We would be so thrilled to have you as one of our celebrity judges! My name is Michele Kowalski and I run the educational kitchen here at the farm. I’m also this years official pie lady for this event. I know you’re a very busy person, but I thought, just maybe……..
    Thank you for considering!
    Michele K.

  • Julie says:

    Please write a vegetarian cookbook and gluten free.



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