Main Restaurant

Hyotei’s Main Shop has a history of nearly 400 years. All of the guest rooms are comprised of independent tea rooms and detached rooms where guests can enjoy kaiseki haute cuisine.

Main Restaurant Cuisine

Here we have elegant Japanese meals served in delicate courses named Kaiseki Ryori which stems from the polished spirit of the tea ceremony. To say nothing of the taste, you can enjoy looking at the food in harmony with dishes matching with a rich atmosphere of each season. We are proud of paying great attention to the flow and the buildup of the courses and serving you a genuine Kaiseki Ryori.

Main Restaurant Japanese Style Rooms


Hyotei’s tea room is a building with a thatched roof of the type called kuzuya. This precious structure remains from the time the restaurant was founded and has an area of approximately 10 square meters.


Tansentei is an approximately 7.5-square meter tea room that was dismantled and reconstructed in the middle of the Meiji period. The design of the three-cornered enclosed shelf is especially eye catching, and a Chinese lantern plant-lacquered incense container is set by the kato-mado window. The interior of the building is finished with fine-textured marbled bamboo.


The Annex to the west of the Main Shop offers morning rice porridge and Shokado-style bento boxes to allow guests to savor the flavors of Hyotei in a casual fashion.

Annex Cuisine

Morning rice porridge

“morning rice porridge” started in the early Meiji period.

The menu features Hyotei’s famous eggs, a three-tiered gourd-shaped dish, a bowl of clear soup, sweetfish grilled with salt, and fluffy white rice porridge. Although this menu is not kaiseki haute cuisine, it nonetheless offers a chance to savor Hyotei’s exceptional flavors and long history.

*Hyotei has offered its famous “Hyotei Eggs” since the end of the Edo period. These soft-boiled eggs are cooked so that the whites are firm while the yolks are soft and tender. The whites remain clean without being stained by the yolks. Yajiro Shinagawa of the Choshu Domain, who served as Japan’s Home Minister, described these eggs in writing as “Soft-boiled chicken eggs cooked according to a secret method.”

Annex Japanese Style Rooms

The Shokado-style bento boxes contain cuisine made from a bounty of seasonal ingredients, along with colorful Hyotei Eggs, a specialty of the restaurant. Sea bream sashimi is served separately from the bento box, and gently flavored white miso soup is brought to the table while piping hot.

Most of the ingredients are the same as those used in Hyotei’s kaiseki cuisine. Unlike bento boxes that you purchase and bring home, Hyotei’s bento boxes allow you to enjoy freshly made food - cold items are served cold, and hot items are served hot. At Hyotei we work to bring you cuisine that isn’t overly luxurious but is still of the highest quality.


Main Restaurant


11:00- 19:30
Lunch: Starting from 23,000 yen (incl. service charges and tax)
Dinner: Starting from 27,000 yen (incl. service charges and tax)


July 1 - August 31 Two hours from 8:00 - 10:00
6,000 yen (incl. service charges and tax)


December 1 - March 15 11:00 - 14:00
12,100 yen (incl. service charges and tax)



March 16 - November 30 8:00 - 11:00
4,500 yen (incl. service charges and tax)


December 1 - March 15 8:00 - 11:00
4,500 yen (incl. service charges and tax)

Shokado Bento Box

12:00- 16:00
5,000 yen (incl. service charges and tax)
*5,400 yen from September 1 2014


Take-home gift items are also available.


Cancellation charge shall apply to all reservations cancelled by the charge rate shown below.

4 days in advance
1-3 days in advance
Same day or no show



Hyotei, near Nanzenji Temple (Hyotei Co., Ltd.)

Location :
35 Kusagawa-cho, Nanzenji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Telephone :
Closed :
2nd and 4th Tuesday (Main Shop)
*Please contact us about the availability.
every Thursday (Annex)
Seats :
Approximately 60 people - seven rooms in four buildings (Main Shop)
Other :
Credit cards are accepted


Hyotei Map
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Please dress appropriatey for your meal in semiformal attrie. No t-shirts, shorts or sandals are allowed in the restaurant. Please also refrain from wearing excerssive cologne, perfume or other body fragrances. Accompanying children must be over the age of 10 and will be served the same courses as adults.


However, Hyotei was established long before the drawing was made. It began around 400 years ago, when it was opened as a sit-down tea house in the pine forest outside the main gate of Nanzenji Temple that also served as the lodge of the temple precincts gatekeeper.

Since its founding, Hyotei has served boiled eggs to its guests in addition to tea and sweets. The secret of making these eggs has been passed down, and “Hyotei Eggs” are currently a specialty of the restaurant. The appearance of the entry hall (which contains a bench), the thatched kuzuya building, and the garden created by Uekuma are said to still look as they did at that time.