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  1. Sitting in St. Luke's garden. Waiting to go on Lopate show. My Kitchen Year on sale today!

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    Got to interview the great about her most memorable meals. Takeaway: She speaks better than I write -

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    Didn't get a chance to ? Step into the studio with as she records ! VIDEO:

  4. My time is up. Loved answering these questions. My Kitchen Year comes out tomorrow.

  5. REnuka: Lots of great stuff out there. New Yorker. Atlantic Monthly. Civil Eats. Fool. Lucky Peach. Cherry Bombe.

  6. Jennifer: Nothing easier - or more delicious - than a plate of eggs! And don't forget baked potatoes!

  7. Anne: They no longer have to be consumer reporters. So they're much better critics. Fine future!

  8. Casey: Chicken soup with rice, spinach leaves, an egg beaten in and parmesan cheese. Soothing.

  9. Long list: soy sauce, Sriracha, anchovies, homemade chicken stock, lemons, Parmesan cheese, eggs, miso, vinegar, oil

  10. Aimee - EVERYBODY has a dinner party fail. Not tragic; it's just a meal. Ask everybody back, soon.

  11. Hi Paul: I've been drinking Peet's Major Dickison's since I lived in Berkeley. Still love it.

  12. Joanne: My main feeling is that I have not eaten enough Filipino food. More please.

  13. Ever eat dinner in a wig? Like dining in a bathing cap. Happy not to do it anymore!

  14. Eteinne: My editor!!

    Translated from Finnish by

  15. Great question Amy. Home cooks aren't chefs. So when you cook - don't be afraid to make mistakes.

  16. MFK Fisher's The Gastronomical Me was very important in my life.

  17. Emily: Emily: The most important thing is to be fearless. Everything else follows. You don't really need "skills."

  18. Fiona: In my opinion, fresh pasta is very rarely worth it. Love the dried stuff.

  19. Hi Michael! Love your book! I'm sorry to say, I love onion rings!

  20. It IS personal. But no point writing memoir if you don't tell the truth!Emily:

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