We're often asked why we're so happy.  We'll let you in on one of our secrets here at The Lodge- Bourbon toothpicks.  That's right, we said Bourbon toothpicks.  What's that, you ask?  Well friend, read on.

There is a man named Peter Smith who determined to ditch the long hours and unforgiving work of the corporate world and make something with his hands.  The son of Danish ancestors, he has created what will undoubtedly become your next addiction- aged American birch toothpicks that have been steeped in six-year old Kentucky Bourbon. Think about that- your workday could become a whole lot more productive with these.

Made by hand, each smoked glass tube contains a dozen toothpicks. The flavor is incredible and lingers, reminding you of the beautiful rolling bluegrass of Kentucky and the perfect conditions that yield America's drink- Bourbon.  Each glass tube contains 12 Toothpicks. Enjoy!

*Note- as these are food items, they are not returnable