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How It Works


step1Choose a Number of Columns

Windowfarms are modular systems that come in vertical column units. You can have just one for an iconic vertical statement, or place many side by side for a vertical grid of crop rows.

  • Put them in any window that gets some natural light a few hours a day
  • Average harvest & regrowth rates are about one to two columns per person per month
  • One pump runs two Windowfarms so plan to put two together about >6 inches apart


step2aChoose RefreshBox Flavor

ReFresh Box flavor mixes are a curated experience that is designed to flow with the seasons and farmers’ crops while matching your cooking style.

  • Each mix includes a couple guaranteed items
  • Premium plants take longer to grow and often have strong flavors that are harvested sparingly
  • A rotating cast of staples will vary with the seasons and will include some new discoveries
  • We use surveys to gauge what people are loving and not loving

step2bPlan to Harvest as Cut-and-Come-Again

Windowfarms produce is different from bunches of store-bought herbs and greens. Instead of cutting off the whole plant, you use just a bit of the vibrantly flavored leaves, pulling from several different plants so they grow back.

  • Flavors can be much more powerful so you can use less
  • Reduce food waste by cutting what you need and leaving the rest to grow
  • Plants do triple duty; when you’re not eating them they freshen air & enliven your space


setupcolsAssemble Your Columns

Windowfarms are very easy to put together. It takes about 10 minutes. Fill the bottom reservoir with 2 liters of water and test the pump.

  • Place Windowfarms in or very near a window
  • If there is no outlet nearby, you will need an extension cord.
  • Hang or base mount your Windowfarm with basic tools. Or place on a stand (sold separately).

transplantTransplant Your Refresh Box Plants

Your ReFresh Box plants will arrive pre-planted in “root nests” made from spun coconut fiber. Simply drop these pods into your system and set your time to the “timer” setting. Your pump will kick on periodically, sending a soothing trickle of water through plants roots. You’re all set!

  • Many planters will be double or triple planted.
  • Plants are all watered evenly by the automated system
  • For more detail, visit



Ready to Start Growing?

Order a windowfarm and remind yourself what it means to eat truly fresh food.