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John Markus - Emmy-winning writer, creator/BBQ PITMASTERS, produced playwright, lover of Count Basie, artisanal sausages and more.

Just follow the hickory smoke.
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    Study: Red Meat Takes Years Off Of Cow's Life

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    Life-Saving Drug More Accessible To Lab Rat Than Majority Of Americans

  3. Any of my OH, KY, MO friends recognize this 12 fl. oz. of special edition bliss?

  4. Of course, family still draws me back to Ohio, but a close 2nd place goes to...

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    Fiona: In my opinion, fresh pasta is very rarely worth it. Love the dried stuff.

  6. When you stay at the Holiday Inn Express on I-70 next to an equipment rental bus., this is your view.

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    What I don't like about the Pope is his "holier than thou" attitude.

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    1/3 of marriages are now from online dating and that number is growing. That means, computers (algorithms) are starting to breed humans.

  9. I can confess to conducting the occasional, rigged nocturnal emission test. Okay, I'm stepping down.

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    Willie Mae Seaton of Willie Mae's Scotch House dies via

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    Es una clara infracción sanitaria.

    Translated from Spanish by

  12. Sorry for sounding like an ignoramus, but shouldn't that priest who's handing out the sacrament wafers be wearing some kind of latex glove?

  13. Wait til Volkswagen admits that it wasn't just emissions they lied about. All their cars are actually reworked '95 Hyundai's.

  14. This is why I prefer Chicago deep dish pizza. You'll never see a rat big enuf to carry it. Even in a NYC subway.

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    Ethical Hunter Throws Duck He Shot Back Into Sky

  16. Rod, quick! Somebody must've hacked your account!!

  17. If DaVinci BBQ'd.

  18. It's my 15th anniversary in BBQ, am spending w/the highly decorated pitmaster . btw, that anniv. is pork.

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    The last photo of Laurel & Hardy, 1956

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