Bear’s Mill is one of the few operating water powered mills in Ohio today. A rare historic landmark, The Mill is located on the eastern outskirts of Greenville Ohio, along a bucolic, peaceful stretch of creek side woodlands.

Built in 1849 by Gabriel Baer, Bear’s Mill’s grand framework is constructed of exquisite hand hewn timber beams that are nearly 50 feet long — without a single splice. Standing four stories high, grain is carried from floor to floor throughout the inner workings of the Mill by the power of the water that runs through the mill race below.

Bear’s Mill still grinds grain into flours and meals today, using the same cool grind practices as old world millers. Grain is carefully passed through the French Buhr millstones to produce a healthy, whole, minimally processed product for you to enjoy.

Managed and maintained by the Friends of Bear’s Mill, today’s Mill offers an exciting place to experience a bit of history in a strikingly beautiful setting. In addition to our regular historic tours, the first floor of Bear’s Mill is a celebration of food, nature and art. The Mill Market carries an eclectic mix of Bear’s Mill flours and meals, gourmet food items, coffee, clothing jewelry and unique home goods. The Mill Gallery features constantly rotating exhibits that display the paintings, sculpture and photography of artists throughout the Ohio Valley. Always available in the Mill Gallery is a unique array of hand-made pottery. Created by our very own Mill Potters, these pieces have become a favorite of collectors throughout the area.

Featured in both regional and national media, Bear’s Mill’s unique blend of history, architecture, spectacular terrain, environmental practices, artisan technique and retail offerings make it one of the top travel destinations in the state of Ohio.


  1. justAjar Design + Press - March 16, 2014

    […] Bear’s Mill Solo Art Exhibition 6/27/14 – 7/20/14 Opening Exhibition: June 27, 2014 Greenville, OH […]

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