Wild Ducks

October 14, 2009

Wild ducks! That’s my answer to today’s angst. Taped Fresh Airyesterday, and I was so sad and tired I think I was babbling andcompletely inarticulate.  The piece is going to air today, and the onlything I can do while waiting to see how much of a fool I’ve made ofmyself is cook.  I think I’ll make a lemon tart – seems perfect forboth the weather and my mood – and then figure out what to do withthese ducks.

My neighbor showed up with them on Sunday.  Huntingseason had just begun, and they were the first he’d shot.  “I don’treally eat much duck anymore,” he said, “so I’d like to know thatsomeone is going to do right by them.”  Think I’ll go down to thefarmers market and buy some kale to make a salad as a first course, andsome berries and apples to cook with the ducks.  Starch?  Rice maybe? Or a kind of orzo risotto with lots of onions and chicken stock? 

If I’m lucky I’ll get so absorbed I’ll forget to listen to the radio show.

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