Street Food

November 13, 2009

It’s raining in New York, but I’m sitting in a little cottage in the Napa Valley,  looking out at trees, sky sunshine, thinking about this street food conference I’m attending at the CIA.  Roy Choi, the Kogi Truck guy, spoke last night, and he was so moving in a shyly quiet way. While he mixed pork (butts and bellies) in a firey red chile mixture with his rubber-gloved hands, he spoke of putting his whole soul into the food.  “I don’t like to speak while I’m doing this,” he said.  “You probably think it doesn’t matter, but I’m convinced that it does.”

Later, walking around the huge hall with, literally, hundreds of different dishes made by hundreds of different street food chefs, I couldn’t help wondering if that was the reason that the Kogi food stood out.  It was simple, but it was superb.

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