From Portland, with Love

June 11, 2010

The box was sitting at the door when I got back from the farmer’s market today. I slit it open and a cornucopia spilled out: nuts and beans, jams and grains. The note says, “Miss Ruth’s Portland Care Package” – a selection of favorite products from two of my favorite people, Karen Brooks and Teri Gelber.

Half are from Ayer’s Creek farm in Gaston. They include two different kinds – on white, one yellow -of freshly ground polenta. I put them right in the freezer, but I’m itching to cook them.

The jam (black currant) is from Ayer’s Creek too, as are the Purgatorio beans. Karen’s note says that I won’t need to soak them – and that they’ll cook in about half an hour. If that’s true, it’s amazing; the last time I cooked white beans they took forever.

There are also fat hand-roasted hazelnuts from Freddy Guys, so irresistible that I ate half the package on the spot.

And granola from Tracy’s; the proceeds help fund Urban Gleaners, a food-to-homeless table program. Crisp, crunchy, delicately sweet.

Just looking at all this food sitting on my counter made me miss Portland. One great food city.

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