Gift Guide, Day 17

December 14, 2010

Blanched Nuts:

I hate skinning nuts.  There, I’ve said it.  It’s one of the few kitchen tasks I don’t enjoy.  But hazelnuts are the worst; they’re just a complete pain. For those of us who consider Linzer Tarts an essential Christmas treat, this can be a problem. I used to spend hours peeling those mean little nuts.

Then I discovered Nuts Online– a fabulous resource for bakers – where you can buy blanched hazelnuts by the pound.  A strange present, perhaps, but one any baker will thank you for.  (And if blanched hazelnuts aren’t your thing, they’ve got all sorts of unusual products from goji berries to dark chocolate m&ms…)

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  • Hi Ruth. Nuts online is one of my favorite resources for backpacking food, they have all kinds of dried fruits and vegetables. For those who are into making French Macarons, they are one of the only places to find pure fruit powders. I had never actually ordered nuts though, what a great idea.
    Thanks for the tea suggestion yesterday as well. I just purchased a beautiful tea pot from one of the students in the ceramics department at the University. It will be great to have a nice Christmas tea to go with it.

  • Sheiladeedee says:

    I have been a customer for years and they are always prompt and of very high quality. Try the black walnuts in plain cookies or shortbread…