Gift Guide, Day 26

December 23, 2010

A Share in a CSA:

Snow showers, gray sky, frozen world.  It must be this weather that has me dreaming of summer, longing for green things to start springing from the earth.

 I’ve been thinking that if someone gave me a share in a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), as a Christmas present, it would make me incredibly happy.  It would be a reminder that spring really will come, that the world will once again be fruitful. And more than that, it would give me a warm feeling to know that I was joining forces with a local farmer; not just buying his vegetables, but becoming a small partner, participating in whatever the coming year might bring – good or bad – in the way of harvest.

The CSA movement keeps growing; I’m now a member of a chicken CSA, as well as a vegetable one. These days you can find meat and fish CSAs too.  How do you find a local one?  Put your zipcode into the link above, and your local CSAs will come up. (It’s not perfect; if someone knows a more up to date data base, please leave a comment.)


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  • Great gift idea ! For anyone who lives in eastern Sonoma (close to Napa county line) check out Lunita Farm ! This CSA is a project on my property started by 2 lovely young farmers from New York/New Jersey who re-located to No. CA – the winter veggies are now being harvested – lovely!

  • Except they cost hundreds of dollars, and the giftee has to be prepared to deal with an avalanche of produce every week . . .
    Just be sure they really want one!


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