A Downtown Meal in an Uptown Place

January 3, 2011

Had lunch at Ma Peche today, with Francis Lam, his friend Winnie (such a great name!) and Doc Willoughby.  The place was half-empty, and it certainly didn't deserve to be.  Tien Ho is really hitting his stride, and the 3-course $25 lunch is a very good deal.

Just about everything we ate was intensly flavorful, surprisingly textural, and fresh.  I couldn't stop eating the spicy lamb with crunchy rice sticks or those crisp, sticky, Brussels sprouts.  I loved the freshness of the squid salad and the wonderful crunch in the summer rolls. If you love Momofuku SSam Bar but hate the noise (and the wait), this is a place you'll want to know about.

Meanwhile, Francis was raving about Miles End in Brooklyn; just listening to him talking about the smoked meat made me want to run out the door and hop on the train.


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