From a Friend of a Friend in Japan

March 17, 2011

Yes, we're still in Tokyo.
I understand that many countries have advised their citizens to evacuate Tokyo, or even Japan. It seems a little too overreacting
to me, though. The nuclear threat is real, however, the readings
are really really low.
We're doing everything we can to stop the plant from exploding,
and I'm sure we'll succeed. Those men working at the site are real
heroes indeed. But we must not forget that they were made to do
this kamikaze operation by the government (and by us who elected
those politicians).

Everything looks dangerous. But I wouldn't say it's getting worse
because it's more like a seesaw struggle. One good thing is that
they have a prospect to give electric supply to the stricken plant,
which will enable the cooling system to work in a day or two.

We were overwhelmed by so many devastating news. Death tolls are
rising. Store shelves are empty. Gasoline is running out. People are
left in the cold.

But we're making an all-out efforts for relief.
Today, a major bank's system went down because of too many orders to
handle. We thought that it was because of power shortage on top of
mass hysteria over fear. But it turned out that the bank couldn't
handle all the donations made through their ATMs.
Michale Sandel wrote to a newspaper yesterday, saying that he hasn't
read or heard any price hikes in the stricken areas, which he found
amazing. There is a gas station owner who keeps some gasoline left
in the tank. He said he is saving it for emergency vehicles that will
come as soon as the roads are mended.

The list goes on and on.

So, I'm not worried about it too much. It's true that our lives have
been inconvenienced a little, but that won't last too long.

It's so ironical that this catastrophe brought us united.
I think we can rebuild the country like our ancestors did.

So, please do not worry too much!

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