Think Pink: Strawberry Ice Cream

August 1, 2011

I found an old recipe for "Strawberry Cream Ice" in a Victorian cookbook, and I was fascinated by its sheer simplicity: “2 pints of strawberry juice, 3 pints of cream and 4 ounces of sugar to every pint of the composition.”

It really is that simple.  I swooshed 2 pints of strawberries in a blender and then put them through a sieve; it made about a cup of strawberry juice.  In place of ordinary granulated sugar, I used confectioner’s sugar, which dissolves more easily.  It also throws the weight off;  you won’t need more than a quarter cup or so for the cup of strawberry juice.  Stir the sugar in, and then swirl in a pint of good cream. Now taste it to make sure it's sweet enough for you. Cut up up another handful of strawberries and add them to the mixture before starting to churn the ice cream.  It should not take very long to freeze; about 15 minutes.  Leave it on the slightly soft side.

 The flavor is so pure and lovely – just strawberries and cream – the essence of pink. I can't think of anything nicer on a hot summer day.  


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  • We have a Vita-Mix. This makes strawberry swooshing extra fast. It’s also wonderful with peaches.
    Haven’t tried confectioner’s sugar, though.
    It really is this easy.

  • Regine Ibold says:

    Except for your warm pecah cobbler made with yellow and/or white peaches from a nearby orchard. . I’ve made it five times in less than a month.

  • Gena Karpf says:

    Because I can find no other way to talk to you, I’m using your Words comments section. Naughty, I’m sure.
    10 years ago a friend gifted Comfort Me With Apples and I devoured it. It was an early foray into my food reading and made a huge impression on me. Five years later at the age of 43, after 3 careers I made a decision follow my lifelong dream and pursue a 4th and final career as a Pastry Chef. In the ensuing 5 years, I’ve completed my study, started a business and now employ a team of 10 in a young, thriving pastry kitchen in Sydney Australia.
    If my passion started at the age of 4 in front an EZBake oven, surely my adult decision to embrace all that I love about sweet food was influenced by you. Deep appreciation, Ruth.
    Gena Karpf x