Gift Guide, Day Fifteen

December 15, 2011

Something Spicy (but not hot)

When an Indian woman marries, she carries her spice box to her new husband’s home. Every Indian cook has at least one masala dabba, a perfectly designed stainless steel box with seven small containers (and a small spoon) to organize the spices she uses most frequently. 

But you don’t need to be an Indian cook to find these wonderful spice boxes useful; any cook would be happy to have one. You can find them at all price points – some are really cheap- but since you're giving this as a present, you’ll want one that will still be beautiful this time next year.  I like this masala dabba, and when I give it as a gift, I fill it up with exotic spices like kokum, dried mango powder and whole fenugreek seeds from Kalustyans



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