Gift Guide Day Four

December 4, 2011

Vintage Tablecloths

 I started looking for vintage tablecloths in thrift stores because they were portable, light, cheap…and nobody else seemed to want them. When I began giving them away I discovered that I was wrong. They are light, portable and easy to pack, but people really do want them. They make terrific gifts. 

 I’ve given most of mine away, so now I find myself actively seeking them out. The Vintage Table has a wonderful collection of linens dating from the 1930’s to the 1970’s, and ranging from the humorous (think turquoise cows) to the ornamental (think shabby strawberries or simple stripes). Priced anywhere from $10 to $500, each one is lovingly described and pictured. 

 If you match each tablecloth to the recipient’s personality they become a kind of giant greeting card. Cheerful, personal and sometimes funny they have the added virtue of being useful. 





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  • I love vintage fabrics, it really hadn’t occurred to me to go and search out tablecloths. I am always rummaging through boxes at op shops for vintage pillowcases but will definitely keep an eye out for some tablecloths. I scored some beautiful silver cutlery last time I was there, so a lovely tablecloth might just mean a very beautiful table for Christmas!! I’m enjoying reading these updates!