Gift Guide Day Nineteen

December 19, 2011

Oysters Galore

Enough oysters.  To me that is the greatest luxury.  That’s why the present I’m buying myself this year is 100 oysters from Island Creek (purveyor to many of your favorite chefs).  Order today and they’ll be plucked from the Cape Cod waters and shipped straight to your house.  Covered with a wet towel they’ll keep in the refrigerator for a solid week.  So every time the urge for an oyster hits, you can stroll to the refrigerator, pluck out a few and eat them standing at the kitchen counter. (And still have enough left for a Christmas celebration.)

Island Creek will send you salty Chathams or the sweeter Wellfleets (which I prefer).  Today’s the last day you can order them in time for Christmas. Believe me – this is a present that no one will ever forget. 




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