Gift Guide, Day Sixteen

December 16, 2011

A Tiny Grinder

Yesterday I suggested that any cook would love a masala dabba, which is certainly true. Want to embellish the gift? A spice grinder would be a very nice addition. Lately I’ve found I can’t live without mine, which has taken up residence on the kitchen counter. (It used to live in a drawer.)

This is what I like about this handy little machine. It crushes spices with extreme efficiency. It’s easy to clean (you can put the bowl in the dishwasher). But most importantly, it works wet as well as dry, so it’s perfect when you need to puree a small amount of something soggy (chiles in adobo come immediately to mind).  And at this time of the year, it’s exactly what you’ll want when it comes time to grind those nuts for tortes and cookies.  




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  • Along the lines of a gift which, on the surface, does not seem very exciting, but which most cooks would be oh, so happy to have, is a salad spinner. I find it surprising that many of my friends do not have one. It is one of the best foodie gifts I have ever received, and I gratefully use it almost daily. As a gift it could be embellished..fill it with small bottles of wonderful olive oil, vinegar, and other salad-y things. Oxo makes a nice one in two sizes..the smaller one is useful for 2-4 salad servings.