Gift Guide Day Twelve

December 12, 2011

Hand Made Candy Canes 

Candy canes are as seasonal as strawberries, which is a big part of their appeal.  Every one is an instant holiday.  They’re so beautiful that I can never resist even the ordinary drugstore sort with their suspiciously strong flavors.

 But when I discovered these hand-pulled candy canes made with natural ingredients, I was instantly hooked. They come in a gorgeous array of colors, they’re charmingly uneven, and they arrive in a bright red box tied up with bows and bells. A great gift for children – although anyone who considers herself too grown up for these is probably not someone I want to know.



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  • Teresa says:

    I love your gift ideas each holiday season, Ruth. These are truly the most delicious candy canes. I bought a box of them as a gift last year and my friend was delighted. For teachers gifts last Christmas, I also bought each one a canister of Zoe’s hot cocoa mix (that came with its own cute little whisk) and bagged each with one of their candy canes to swizzle in the hot cocoa. Using the candy canes to swizzle in the hot cocoa was a Zoe’s staff idea and the gifts were a huge hit with the teachers. Huge thumbs up for Zoe’s candy canes.