Gift Guide, Day Twenty-One

December 21, 2011

Carnivore's Delight

 The Chinese may call it the year of the rabbit, but 2011 was actually the year of the meat eater.  This was the year when butchers became cool, the year when the meekest people began picking up knives and carving up cows, the year when every cook worth his salt was wrestling whole pigs onto the grill.

 If you’ve got a red-blooded friend with a passion for meat, Pat LaFrieda’s Big App for Meat would make the perfect present.  LaFrieda (the man behind the famous Minetta Tavern burger), teamed up with Tony Bourdain’s producers (ZeroPointZero) to make this new app which takes you literally into the belly of the beast. There's almost an hour of video, with LaFrieda showing you how to age, cut, and cook meat.  (Along the way he reveals why he think the Porterhouse is a sucker cut.)   Any carnivore with an IPad and an appetite would be thrilled. 



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