A small Christmas miracle

December 17, 2012

Todays’s gift is a gift to everyone who, like me, keeps doing stupid things with their IPhone.  Last year I dropped it in the toilet (don’t ask).  Last week I left it in the pocket of my jeans and then threw them into the washing machine.  Yes, the phone went through the entire cycle.  And yes, It came out (not surprisingly), utterly, totally dead.

Brand new phone. Gone.  $500 to replace it.  A friend suggested that I fill a bowl with rice, bury the phone in the rice and then put the phone on the heater for three days.  Sounded stupid, but I was desperate.  What did I have to lose?

Last night I dug the phone out of the rice and turned it on.  Nothing. Of course.  Then I plugged it into a charger – just for science you understand – and left it over night.

 Here's my phone this morning. Good as new.  Unbelievable.  

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Merry Christmas.  


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  • Allen says:

    Slightly ironic that your background features drops of water. Always been a big fan of yours and glad to hear your phone survived.

  • JacksGourmet says:

    We tried exactly the same thing…and voila, it came back to life too!! However, the home button stopped working, and the battery was short lived (not lasting more than several hours). There’s a work around for the home button, but it became a nuisance to get keep recharging the phone a few times per day. You got lucky 🙂

  • This is a commonly known technique, though not known by everyone. It is best to remove the battery first, and resist the temptation to try to turn the phone on before burying in rice. I have used this method for years, not only for complete saturation with water but also on those days when it is merely humid, or raining, and my phone is just acting funny, if not completely non functional. I keep a tub of salt in my pantry marked “cellphone salt”. Patience pays off, especially if the phone it has been completely soaked. it can take days.
    Oh, and by the way…your gift suggestions are so creative and most appreciated, but next year, might you consider starting your series of ideas sooner, to allow more time for ordering and shipping? Just a suggestion.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Sansturbot says:

    I havent tried it with the iPhone (hope I never do) but I once dropped an iPod to the washing machine as well. To make things worse, it also went into the dryer. It was dead but after a few days it came back… Maybe it was the dryer…

  • Ruth Reichl says:

    You’re right: I should start the gift guide earlier. And next year, I will.
    Happy holidays to you!

  • ML Corwin says:

    You made me feel immensely better by sharing your iPhone-in-the-toilet scenario. Did that; stashed it in the back pocket of my jeans and then… Now I don’t feel so dumb.