Gift Guide, Day 12

December 12, 2012

Anybody else who started a cookie company would call it Butter and Sugar. Not Dorie Greenspan. Her new company is called Beurre & Sel – butter and salt – because she understands the importance of salt. (Leave it out of cookies or brownies, and they fall absolutely flat.) 

But she doesn’t merely add salt to her sweets – iconic Sables, irresistible Port Jammers (cranberries soaked in Port and spices, baked into cookies and topped with a cherry-cocoa streusel) or the most intense chocolate cookies you’ll ever taste.  She’s also created a cocktail collection of savory cookies that will improve the mood of any party. I love the buttery, crumbly Rosemary-Parmesan cookies, and I’m also very partial to the Cocoa Cayenne sort. 

To the three people out there who are not already Dorie fans, you should know that her baking books are the best – clear, encouraging and utterly reliable.  Her new cookie company lives up to them: These great cookies will earn you a warm welcome everywhere you go. They may be the little black dress of this gifting season: perfect for every occasion.


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