Things I Love

August 16, 2013


Mea Culpa.  Last year, in my annual gift guide, I said that this rare and wonderful organic Monticello Balsamic is something you’d never buy for yourself; it’s just too expensive. But this morning, as I dribbled a single drop onto my sliced apricot, I knew that I was wrong.  This bottle was a present, but when it’s gone I’ll replace it. I never want to be without this remarkable elixir.

This is the way I think about it: it costs $150 a bottle, but if I dole it out, drop by drop, I can make it last a year. And that’s a year of coaxing the flavor out of recalcitrant apricots and berries, of making vegetables sing with flavor, of making every salad dressing deeper, richer, more delicious.  It’s also a year of remembering that American products can now compete with the very best.



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