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August 2, 2013

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I make fresh orange juice for my family every morning. It just tastes so much better when it's freshly squeezed.
I could do it with an electric juicer – I have a very effective Breville. Or I could do it with the classic hand juicer that I also own. But I choose to use this little antique, which I bought at a garage sale for $1 about fifteen years ago, because it starts my morning with a laugh.
Although it sits on my counter looking like a lovely little elephant, this Press-Or Midget Juicer (which was first sold at Hammacher Schlemmer in 1924), is an extremely effective tool. It presses out the juice without the bitter oils. It's fast. It's silent. And it's easy to clean.  It's a reminder that sometimes the simplest tools turn out to be the best.

A press-or midget turned up last week on EBay, and I almost bought it.  But then I looked down at the one I have, and it reminded me that I really don't need another. This one's well over fifty years old, and I'm sure it'll last another fifty. 
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  • Liz says:

    Just bought one like this at an antique store today. Gave $9.50. Looked on e-bay only saw 2. Nearly dropped ny teeth when I saw how much they wanted for them. Made my day.