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September 1, 2013

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I've always loved Cape Gooseberries.  Nestled into their papery husks, they look like tiny yellow tomatillos. When you peel off the husk and pop the fruit into your mouth you get a quick impression of juiciness, then the crunch of the seeds, and finally a rush of sweet tartness.

I like cape gooseberries best eaten out of hand, but they're also great thrown into pie where they add a touch of tartness to sweet fruits. I also admire the way many restaurants serve these fruits: dipped into caramel to give each one a crackling coat.

It's easy to do: make caramel by melting a cup of sugar with three tablespoons of water, put the pot into hot water to keep the caramel molten, then carefully peel back the husks and dip each fruit into the hot caramel. Set them onto an oiled baking sheet or Silpat to harden.  

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  • Certfoodiesf says:

    Cape Gooseberries are so magical! They kind of remind me of those beautiful Japanese Lanterns (plants) that emerge in the fall all bright orange. I think they may be from the same family. The Cape Gooseberries are like little presents waiting to be unwrapped and relished for their unique taste and short season.