2013 Gift Guide: Day Twenty

December 14, 2013

Be A Better Bread-Baker


Ever since I discovered Jim Leahy’s no-knead bread recipe (in his book, My Bread), I’ve been turning out home-made bread on a regular basis.  Jim’s recipe takes all of about 3 minutes and produces a great, fat, crisp loaf.

I’ve been using my ancient cast iron Dutch oven to bake the bread, but now I’ve found something better. This beautiful bread dome lets the bread rise higher and rounder.  And it’s such a great looking stoneware pot that it works wonderfully as an oven-to-table casserole when used for stews and roasts. 

I should have mentioned this earlier; in order to get it there in time for Christmas (ground shipping is free), you need to order by tomorrow.  So what are you waiting for?  Any baker would be delighted with this $60 present.



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