2013 Gift Guide: The Christmas Spirit

December 19, 2013

I love food people.  I’ve always thought it was impossible to be a great cook and have a mingy soul. Yesterday, Luis Weiss proved that once again on her blog, The Wednesday Chef. 

I’ll let you read Luisa’s description of what moved her to auction off her fascinating collection of cookbooks (many are signed first editions). But if you don’t tear up, at least a little, on reading her words I’m betting you’re not much of a cook.  

The auction is truly in the Christmas spirit. After reading Luisa’s blog I threw in the last hardcover copy that I’ve got of my first cookbook, Mmmmm: A Feastiary (1972).

(They only printed 3500 hardcover copies, and they’re almost impossible to find.) I’ll sign it – and match whatever the winning bid is.  

There's lots of great stuff here, and Luisa's throwing in a copy of her own wonderful book, My Berlin Kitchen, to anyone who spends $50. The auction ends tomorrow.

I just wish I’d come up with this notion on my own.  


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