2013 Gift Guide: This Year’s Publication

December 23, 2013

There's still time to send a subscription……

Every year at about this time, when it's getting pretty close to Christmas and you're still out there desperately seeking appropriate presents, I suggest a magazine subscription.

Last year it was Modern Farmer and Fool. (And if you're not acquainted with these fascinating publications, I suggest you remedy the situation.) The year before it was the now extremely famous Lucky Peach. The mere fact that these passionate independent magazines exist makes me incredibly happy. But this year's suggestion makes me happiest of all.

In light of the flap about the Time Magazine food issue debacle – "The Gods of Food" – which utterly ignored the contribution of women in the kitchen, it's nice to know there's a magazine celebrating both women and food. And what a magazine!  It's beautiful. It's well-written. And it's always interesting.

If you know a woman who's involved with food (and is there anyone who doesn't?) the biannual Cherry Bombe would make a perfect present. 



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