Have You Ever Heard of This?

April 28, 2014


I hadn't.  It looks like water, and on first sip, tastes like it too. But slowly you begin to notice a teasingly gentle sweetness filling your mouth, growing louder, like a musical note that's being held. You swallow, and suddenly your mouth is humming with the taste of maple.  

According to the back of the label, maple sap is a healthy tonic, a spring pick-me-up. The label also notes that the sap runs for just a few weeks in spring. After that it's gone until next year.  

I bought this maple water at Guido's, in Great Barrington Massachusetts. But trolling around online, I see that maple water is sold pretty much wherever maple syrup's made (think Quebec). And that a new product, Verticalwater, is about to hit the shelves in stores.  Apparently it's going up against coconut water as an American alternative. I'll take it any day.


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