Things I Love

April 8, 2014


The other day, at the New York Culinary Experience at ICC, a woman brought me this fantastic box of living microgreens. Tiny pea greens, sweet and sassy, over there on the far right.  Radish greens, with a bit of bite. Tiny mustard greens, their flavor hinting at wasabi. Dark red shiso greens, with a distinctively minty, musty flavor. Upland cress reminds me of watercress, a taste so sharp and pointed it almost snaps your head back. And on the far left, borage greens, which carry a faint and piquant hint of oysters.

The plants are still growing, and I'm told that, kept at room temperature, they'll still be good two weeks from now. Produced by a company called Koppert Cress on Long Island, they're sold only to restaurants. Which is a shame; I'm thrilled with this present and would love to be able to offer it to other people. Can you think of a better hostess gift? 


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