Aromatic Project for a Rainy Afternoon

July 27, 2014


Caramel Bourbon Peaches 

Peel two ripe peaches by blanching them in boiling water for about 15 seconds and then running them under cold water; the skins should slip right off.  Cut each one into eighths and put them into a bowl. Pour in a couple of tablespoons of good bourbon and swish them around.

Put a half cup of sugar in a heavy skillet and cook over low heat until it begins to liquify.  Cook it, without stirring, swirling the pan occasionally, until it turns a deep golden color – about 5 minutes.  Add the bourbon-soaked peaches and a couple tablespoons of cream and watch it hiss angrily, spitting at you and seizing up.  Don’t worry; this fit will end, and if you stir it once in a while it will all soften in about 5 minutes, leaving you with tender caramelized peaches.  

Spooned hot, over cold vanilla ice cream, this will make you very happy. 


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