2014 Gift Guide, Day Five

November 28, 2014


The barbecue expert was skeptical when I told him I'd ordered the pulled pork online.  Even when I said that is came from Elizabeth Karmel, who was responsible for some of the food at Hill County, he lifted an eyebrow.  "She's a baker," he said.  "Makes great peanutbutter and jelly cupcakes. But 'cue… maybe not so much."

Then I mentioned it was whole hog barbecue, made from pigs from a small farmer in North Carolina. I mentioned Ed Mitchell, one of my barbecue heroes. The expert was not convinced.

"Just taste it," I said, piling some of the warm pulled pork – bits from all over the pig – onto a potato bun, adding the vinegary cabbage slaw, shaking on another bit of the thin, piquant sauce – and handing it over.

"Oh!" he said.  And then he didn't say anything else until the sandwich was gone.  

This is the best Carolina cue I've had in a really long time.  It come frozen – in dry ice – in impeccable condition; the shredded cabbage is packed separately, as is the bottle of vinegar sauce. 

I bought the "The Piglet" – which is meant to make 8  sandwiches.  Actually, it made more like a dozen. If you have some barbecue lovers on your list, I promise you they'll be happy to get some of this.


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