2014 Gift Guide, Day Two

November 24, 2014


One Great Apron

If you're going to wear an apron, it should do more than simply look good. The Contra Apron, does. Made of waxed cotton, it's heavy, water-resistent, comes in three colors and has a pocket exactly where you want one.  

Looks pretty good too!

Tilit makes aprons for all the coolest restaurants (Blue Hill, Empellon, Shuko, Hungry Cat, M. Wells, Bar Primi – the list is very long).  This apron was designed for the staff at Contra, and it's made to look good no matter what disaster befalls you in the kitchen.  It's just part of the line of kitchen clothing, which includes aprons, chef's jackets and pants. Give the company enough time and they'll even customize aprons to your exact specifications. 


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