2014 Gift Guide, Day Fourteen

December 7, 2014



For a Constant Traveler

I've spent a lot of time on the road (and in the air) this year, and coffee is a problem. It drives me crazy to pay room service prices for bad coffee, but I don't want to get dressed and go out foraging for caffeine either. Many hotels now have in-room coffee makers, but they make a pretty unappealing cup.  

This Aeropress coffee maker is the perfect solution. It produces a single cup of espresso or American coffee with less acidity than you get from a French press.  It's small enough to fit cozily into your suitcase.  It's easy to clean – an important consideration when all you've got is a minuscule hotel sink. And it comes with everything you need – including a year's supply of microfilters. 

This impressive little coffee maker produces such an excellent brew  your friends will probably start using it on a daily basis. They're stocked in many places, but I've linked to Crate&Barrell because their price is low and they offer free shipping.  

Should you want to make this an even more spectacular present, throw in some really great beans. We all have our favorites, but I'm very partial to Strongtree Coffee: fair trade, grown without pesticides, certified and hand-roasted on a daily basis.  Their beans make a really delicious cup. 

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